Isle EV

Transport contributes a large proportion of the Isle of Wight’s carbon footprint, not to mention the more local dangers of air pollution.

These two reasons alone are sufficient to justify efforts to promote the uptake of EVs, but there is an additional, and potentially very important factor on the Island: that EVs will support the electrical network and potentially enable additional renewable generation to be connected to the grid as a result of the extra demand.

Wight Community Energy therefore wishes to become the independent voice on the Island supporting and promoting EVs.

Isle EV Facebook Group

In the first instance we have established a group on Facebook called Isle EV. This is an open group and provides a forum where owners can compare experiences, seek advice from one another and generally discuss the pros and cons of electric mobility. It also provides a resource for potential purchasers where they can ask advice from existing owners, see other people’s opinions of vehicles and suppliers and generally have access to a forum where they feel they are getting impartial advice. Follow this link to find out more and join the group.

Going Electric

In the summer of 2022 we are going to hold a one day event called Going Electric to showcase innovation in electric transport in all its forms. In this first event of its kind on the Isle of Wight we will exhibit not just EVs, but bicycles, drones, e-cargo bikes, boats and ferries, as well as information on charging and energy storage. Going Electric will show you where things are today, and where they are going in future. Click here for more information about this exciting event.

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