Going Electric

Going Electric took place on Sunday 31st July 2022 at the Isle of Wight College Organised by Wight Community Energy this free to attend event showcased electric transport in all its forms – not just EVs, but vans, bikes, drones, aircraft and charging infrastructure.

Almost 950 people attended the event and we were delighted to have Wightfibre the events main sponsor and Power to Change supporting the event, plus over 30 fantastic exhibitors taking their place at Going Electric.

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Site Plan and Index for the day

Site Plan and Index

Going Electric Guide

Going Electric A5 Guide Final-1
Going Electric A5 Guide Final-1

What you can see at Going Electric

Up to 30 exhibitors, including the Islands leading Main Dealers

esplanade electric
Central Garage
Leslies Motors
Premier Motors
EV Express
Future Isle of Wight
drone inspect
Green Mile
Isle Access
Island Renewables
Island Tea & Coffee
People Powered
red funnel
Stage Gear
vehicle consulting solent
Wight Bike
wight community energy
footprint trust
IW college
pc consultants

Charge Points

Charge Points

You can see the latest and find out more from charge point experts about the latest in EV Charge Points and charging solutions for your home to establish the best options for you and your electric vehicle.

Electric Innovation

Innovation in electric vehicles and design is just part of all that you can see at Going Electric. You can also take part in;


  • Our Net Zero Gameshow
  • See ‘Starlink’ from SpaceX
  •  Take control of a Telepresence Robot
  •  Drone displays throughout the day

Meet the Owners

Zoe with her Zoe, just one of the EV owners to meet at Going Electric

Curated by Vehicle Consulting, Meet the Owners gives you the perfect opportunity to meet EV owners and their vehicles and ask about their experiences. Posing any questions you may have about EV ownership and the practical day-to-day running of their Electric Vehicle in the relaxed atmosphere of the Going Electric event. A great opportunity to get advice and learn a few tips and tricks on how to get the best from an electric vehicle.

Visit the e.Bike Zone

Our e.Bike Zone allows you to see the latest in e.Bikes with WightBike plus talk to sustainable travel company People Powered including a look at their latest Cargo Bikes trialling on the island. Leading island charity Isle Access will also be on hand to talk about their ‘Cycling for Wellbeing’ programme. There is also the opportunity to take a test ride on our dedicated test circuit to experience the best in e.bikes and even try a cargo bike for yourself.


Talks from leading experts

Charge Points

Take your seat in the Seminar Room for our ‘Talks’ from leading experts. Talks that look at Electric Infrastructure, Owning an Electric Vehicle and Electric Innovation. Our ‘Talks’ are sponsored by Red Funnel and also provide an opportunity to win free return travel with Red Funnel and discounts for EV drivers.

Main Sponsor

wightfibre electric car

Going Electric will provide an opportunity for EV owners to meet up and share experiences, for prospective EV owners to meet with them and hear about real world experiences. It will provide a place for car dealers to show off their latest models to the public, for charge-point companies to demonstrate how to get connected.

There will be talks from experts and displays from the wide and rapidly expanding world of electric mobility – scooters and e-bikes, new ferries for the Isle of Wight, electric boats, drones and air taxis.

Colin Palmer, director of Wight Community Energy said: “The world is going electric. Millions of EVs are hitting the road each year, but the electric revolution is about much more than just cars. Wight Community Energy’s Going Electric event will showcase the breadth and depth of this revolution in our mobility, showing what is happening now and where the electric future will take us. It is going to be an exciting ride!”

For more information, or to enquire about booking a stand, please contact goingelectric@iowcommunityenergy.org

Just ten years ago most people thought that electric cars were fifty years away, but nobody told Elon Musk. In those ten years, Tesla has sold more than half a million electric cars and has been joined in the market by all the big automotive players. Ten years ago, drones were the preserve of the military or hobbyists. Now they are changing the way we view our environment from above, how we inspect giant machines and structures like wind turbines and power lines.


This revolution in mobility is spreading fast and Going Electric will be a public event to showcase the latest technologies and present visions of the future. A world of interconnected, pollution-free transport, where new technologies are freeing designers to develop all manner of exciting new products and services.

Going Electric will show you where things are today, and where they are going in the future.

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