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Read this article to get a FREE* electric car!

*Okay, terms and conditions apply. Read on to find out what they are. It wasn’t long ago that due to post-pandemic supply chain issues, all cars including second-hand ones were worth a small fortune. That included EV’s, which held their value at astonishing levels....

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A reminder – why heat pumps and EV’s?

A situation has arisen where we have a push from government and industry to adopt new technologies for their environmental benefits and yet there is almost no discussion whatsoever about those environmental benefits, instead the conversation is almost exclusively...

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Old cars and the Sunk-Cost trap

No one likes throwing stuff away. Trips to the ‘dump’ to add to the mountains of waste fill us with dread. That is a perfectly natural reaction, especially when what we are throwing away often fits into the category of ‘perfectly good’. It’s this that forms the...

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EV ownership on the Isle of Wight

It’s 139 years since what is widely considered to be the first car – the Benz Patent-Motorwagen – took to the streets, since that time motoring has changed beyond all recognition and become a huge part of everyone’s lives, even for those that do not own a car they...

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Thermal Camera Loan Scheme

Wight community Energy are pleased to offer Island residents the opportunity to borrow a thermal imaging camera to conduct their own home thermal surveys. Thermal cameras are a useful aid in improving the fabric of a building by helping homeowners to detect thermal...

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Warming my toes by the air conditioning?

There’s an unlikely sentence, what is he on about? Blog post from Stephen Cockett - General Manager WCE. Even as a bit of a green-tech-energy-geek there are always new things to learn, and just a few months ago I learnt a whole lot more about air-conditioning. And the...

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New Green Open Homes project set for Spring ’24

Wight Community Energy are pleased to announce Green Open Homes, a new project to help boost homeowner’s knowledge of practical energy efficiency measures. Following successful experiences in other parts of the UK, WCE want to bring together people who have...

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Can you save money on your bills right now?

If your home has been bought, sold or put on the rental market in the last ten years then it will have an Energy Performance Certificate, known simply as an EPC. These certificates are generated by an energy assessor who would have made an inspection of the building...

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