Wight community Energy are pleased to offer Island residents the opportunity to borrow a thermal imaging camera to conduct their own home thermal surveys.

Thermal cameras are a useful aid in improving the fabric of a building by helping homeowners to detect thermal weaknesses and to subsequently determine which weaknesses should be prioritised for rectification.

Examples of faults seen from inside the home found can be found below.

Missing ceiling insulation.
Excessive draft under door.
Missing insulation on dormer.

Camera in action

Our loan cameras can fit into both Android and iOS smartphones.
A very cold corner that will transmit heat outwards and be prone to mould.
A absence of insulation can be seen in the corner of this ceiling.

Getting high quality shots that reveal useful information from outside the home is a little more challenging. For us on the Isle of Wight it is quite rare to have the extreme temperature differences needed to show up faults from the outside of properties, but some faults may be seen, and we invite your feedback to help guide future borrowers.

How it works:

To identify faults and shortcomings the cameras work best in cold weather, As temperatures are critical we will loan the cameras from late Autumn into early Spring.

If you would like to borrow a thermal then contact us at stephen@iowcommunityenergy.org and we will email our full guidance to you including instructions and examples of faults you may find in your house.

Once confirmed that you would like to borrow the camera we will add you to the waiting list and let you know the approximate date you will receive the camera. We will post the camera to you as a first class ‘large letter’ that will require a signature either from yourself or a neighbour.

We aim to complete the cycle of post – usage – post back, within a week, so please be mindful to use the camera within a few days of receipt.

In an effort to reduce waste we aim to reuse our postage packaging as long as possible, so please reuse the supplied postage box, we will replace periodically when it becomes unsuitable.

We do not have funding to pay for postage or for the administration of this project, therefore we kindly request that when posting back to us you include £5 inside the package to cover our costs.


Funding to pay for these cameras and administer the project has been provided by Power to Change, the organisation set up to grow and support community businesses in England.

As part of this project funding we have provided one camera on long-term loan to the local energy saving charity Footprint Trust so they may support their client base.