With energy prices unlikely to return to past levels, it is increasingly important to improve the energy efficiency of our homes, protecting our wallets, our health and our comfort.

It is known that around 30% of the heat generated in older homes can be lost through walls. Adding cavity wall insulation can dramatically reduce those losses.

Houses built before 1990 did not need to have cavity wall insulation installed whilst being built. Many have been upgraded in the last 20 years with insulation injected into their walls, but around 30% of suitable homes have not taken advantage of this straightforward method of improving efficiency and comfort.

Cavity wall insulation garnered a bad reputation due to unscrupulous contractors operating when schemes were first being rolled out. However, despite perceptions less than 0.5% of properties have actually needed remedial works according to CIGA the industry monitor.

What pitfalls there were are now very well-known and the local authority – who administer many of these jobs – only works with reputable contractors who will give proper impartial advice as to whether or not a property is suitable for these works.

Full details of how to get your home better insulated and to see if you are eligible for free measures such as cavity and loft insulation can be found here: https://www.iow.gov.uk/Council/OtherServices/Energy-Initiatives/Warm-Up-Wight

Wight Community Energy has no commercial interest in these schemes and only seeks to give impartial fact-based advice to improve energy efficiency on the island.