Wight Community Energy (WCE) has launched a new, independent online community forum all about electric vehicle ownership on the Isle of Wight.

September 2021 was a record-breaking month for electric vehicles. Sales saw a 49.4% increase on the same month in 2020, and EV sales currently represent 15% of the market share. (Figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders).

At this important milestone in the uptake of electric vehicles across the country, funding from the National Lottery’s Power to Change Trust has enabled WCE to create a Facebook group called Isle EV to provide a truly impartial and independent forum for members to discuss all aspects of EV ownership on the Isle of Wight, including electric bikes and mopeds as well as electric cars and vans.

Colin Palmer, Director at Wight Community Energy says:

“The media is full of stories about EVs, but much of it is conflicting and confusing. We are cutting through the hype and the fake news, providing a forum where people can find out about real world experiences of EV ownership and keep track of the latest developments.

 Isle EV will be friendly and accessible.  A forum where you can ask questions, exchange experiences and see what is coming. A place to discuss electric vehicles, charging options and infrastructure on the Island. Whether you are an EV owner, or just thinking about what your next vehicle will be, this is the place for you.

 The forum will be set up on Facebook and moderated by Wight Community Energy.  There will be no hard sell, no commercial pressures, just information to help you get the best out of your EV or help you decide if going electric is for you.”

Isle EV is open for anyone to join – you do not have to be an EV owner. Members can ask questions, share information and discuss their experiences of running an electric vehicle on the Isle of Wight. The group will also feature relevant news about EV developments and local offers linked to EV ownership.

Peter Capener, Deputy Chair of Community Energy England says:

“The electric transport revolution is just around the corner, and it is good to see a community group as honest broker, helping people with their choices. Isle EV will place Wight Community Energy at the heart of the Isle of Wight’s transition to clean, carbon-free transport.”

 Isle EV can be found at Isle EV | Facebook